Implemented projects

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Completed projects
Below we provide an insight into the projects implemented. In the newsletters you can read more about this. If you want more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

– for ex-prisoners Homes

In our newsletter, we called attention to the construction of housing for refugees who have been in Chinese prisons because they have campaigned for freedom of religion and culture and for the return of the Dalai Lama. This enthusiastic response from our donors. By their gifts we can give in the period June 2013 March 2016 € 33,288, enough for 5 dwellings. The project was festively inaugurated on May 17, 2016.

-Medical assistance * € 2,430.00
-scholarships€ 2,932.00
-winter Schools € 1,186.00
-Ladakhi Nuns Associaltion dr. Palmo € 643.00
-school At monastery in Tibet € 2,493.00
-Housing Ex-prisoners in Bir * € 7,313.00
-Renewal tank camp 5 € 5,800.00
-Read books Schools € 713.00
-Retirement home Mundgod generator and additional € 4779.00
-Rato Dratsang purchase bush mango and cashew € 2,493.00
-Agriculture ProjectEvaluation study € 800.00
-Nepal Because of earthquake € 960.00
-Several Little amenities Central School Mundgod € 1,277.00
-Watertank Sports c3 1st stage € 513.00

-Water for students
-Waterpomp CST camp € 6 315, –
-Sarah School 10 beds € 390, –
-Food containers CST camp € 6 113 –
-Opknapkosten Guge khangsten Drelo € 743,-

-The Sarah School near Dharamsala gets € 3,000
-projects in Tibet, the total cost was € 4,050.
-clinick of Jangste Gaden Monastery, the cost was € 1,430.
-Phara House of Jangtse Gaden Monastery, the total cost was € 1775


-Repair of the water at camp four, costs € 180.
-Constructions of a water with reservoirs at a village and monastery in Tibet. The cost was € 4,500.
-Repair of a blood testing machine in the clinic of the Gaden monastery Jangste, cost € 546.
-Water tower At the Central School (1,000 students, 200 internally). The cost was € 18,546.

-Book Project we have given € 108 to buy a good bookcase for the girls’ boarding school in the Central School.
-Village in Tibet. They got us € 1,450 to hire excavators for the supply of pebbles and stones. They themselves have refurbished the roads.
-The Refugee camp in Pokhara (Nepal) gave us € 250 to buy food for the hot lunch of the children in the nursery.
-The Refugee camp Phuntsokling (India) for emergency aid we have given € 500.
-In Tibet has established a school by a monastery, we gave them € 850.
-In Camp had one pair the water tower to the water supply. We gave them € 500.
-winter school for orphans sponsored by € 500.

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