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Tamdin Phuntsok (62 years) and his wife Tsering Dolma
They have a large family, the four youngest are still at home. There are also two are a soldier in the Indian army and two are monks. He was a big strong hard-working man: farmer in the summer sweater and seller in the winter. But he had a serious illness (brain hemorrhage? SCI?), Because he can barely speak and his lower body is paralyzed, so he can not walk among others. They desperately need support and preliminary gives their Dolma € 25 from general funds.

Dolma Yangkey. Her current husband is called Karma. She has 5 children. The first four are from her first marriage to a rough drunk. Her second husband is deceased Karma income comes from his work as a driver, but it does not deliver much. She has depression, not surprising after what she’s been through with difficulties

Karma Tashi and his wife
They are both half the seventies and have already had to spend money to treat his diabetes. A part of a foot is even turned off. They have no children who can care for them.

Choeku Dorjee Dolma and Urgyen
They are elderly and no longer able to work on their small field because they have all kinds of ailments. Choeku was barely able to eat anything.

Chime Khando is a widow and lives with her deaf son, daughter and two grandchildren. Her son’s helper at the street level and earns very little. Support for medical expenses and the education of children is much needed.

Gedun Choephel Tsering Thankchoe and have a son, 13. The father is a helper in a garage and earns very little. His wife has severe asthma and obesity by edema and heart problems. Their housing is lousy: just a room, no plumbing.

Tsering Dorjee
He is 78 years old and his wife Kyizom is 88 years. Their son Tsering Dorjee (50 years). Who is severely disabled and can barely walk, slowly and painfully, he stumbles. He needs support. They all have health problems. They have one cow and one calf. Poverty, old age and disease, sad.

Phuntsok Tsering (49 years) and Tsering Dolma (73 years).
Mother and son earns very little money as a welder and a cleaner at the agricultural cooperative. Tsering Dolma earned some money by selling milk door to door, but her poor health (bad joints, high blood pressure and eye disease)she must stop this. They have too little money to make ends meet and pay the medical bills.

Tashi Dolma and have four gifted children. Her mother lives with them. Only selling clothes in winter Tashi earn a little money. The parents and grandmother have a lot of ailments and thus high medical bills. The children receive partial scholarships but there are still too many extra costs. A monthly support them helps!

Tsering Dolma in Tibet

She lives in northeastern Tibet. Her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. She has two children. She can not see well and her eyes should be operated. They deserve to reap some money from medicinal herbs. Sponsorship of € 40 per month will help her in the much more expensive China tremendously.

Sonam Youdon
She lives in the nursing home is 69 years old, widow, five of her seven children are already deceased, she suffers from high blood pressure, aching joints and stomach problems.

She lives in the nursing home is 64 years old, widow, one son who lives far away, have diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Rhichoe Wangmo
Fled from Tibet in 1959 and had a nomadic family for years in Ladakh (northern India). Then she worked with her husband as veehoedster in the camp of Mundgod. Now they live in the nursing home because they need a lot of medical care.

He lives in the retirement home with his wife Okaree, 78 years, no children, epilepsy.

Dorjee Gyaltsen
A monk of 38 years. Has problems with his stomach. He used various drugs and bad can digest the convent food. He comes from Spiti (northern India) and has a young student who comes from the same village.

Lobsang Tashi A monk who suffers from hepatitis and various other ailments. He studies very well but hinder his performance poor health and debt.

Yang Chen Dolkar
A widow of 56 years with seven children of whom five, just like themselves, have hepatitis. Our support helps her with the bare necessities of medicines and food.

Kunsang Lhamo and Rinzin Wangmo
They are mother and daughter. The family are also (small) children and a grandmother. The men are deceased and the youngest is left. It is a very poor family, again with chronic illness.

Chodar (76) has been a widower for 30 years. He lives alone in an extremely rickety and leaky house, the worst I’ve ever seen there. He has three sons only educated, but has them for years not seen and they do not even support him. A sponsorship of € 20 per month would ease his

Tsering Wangdu
Unemployed and various affairs he started have failed. His first wife is deceased. From that marriage he has a son and a daughter from his second marriage.

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