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Tenzin Dolma and Tsering Yeshe

They are elderly and have a lot of family problems.
To make matters worse Tenzin was a few years ago a severe brain hemorrhage. After a period of bed rest and physiotherapy, he can now walk a little. They have no income and lots of debts and medical expenses.

Lobsang Palden (69 years)
He has no family and is unable to care for themselves.

Lobsang Tsultrim (42)
He was a monk but is now married with two small children. His wife is wrong. He has a lot of splattered to master the craft of carpenter and woodworker. Out he has a terribly dusty workshop where he lives with his family. A sponsorship of € 30 per month would be their tough conditions improve slightly.

Sonam Bhuti

She has four children and was widowed six years after her husband is deceased after a long illness. She has no income due to the care of the four children. Three children have come up with the Caesarean section and one normal. There there are two in Suja and one in Bylakuppe in TCV. Only the smallest of 6 with her. When the child was 1.5 month’s father died. She has no sponsor, but a large loan from a bank because of the illness of her husband. Now she again has a boyfriend, but who earns very little.

Is like a young Indian street child adopted by an old Tibetan. He is totally contained in the Tibetan community and even married a Tibetan. They have four children. He also Tibetan vote. Their home is very run down and as a security guard he earns very little. This mixed support your family can use very well.

Passang Chozom Previously she got our money (part of) to pay her medical bills. Her son was in fact born via caesarean section. Her husband is in the Indian army somewhere in the north. He sends her money and it’s been a long time since he visited his family, so in fact she is divorced. She suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and the like they have a rickety and leaky cottage and a high loan because of medical expenses. She has a small job in a diner. With € 20 per month, it helped quite a distance in the cost of living.

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