ANBI (Dutch tax office)

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Organizations may apply to the DUTCH Tax Office for charities apply for ANBI status. An ANBI is a charitable, cultural, religious, scientific, philosophical or other institution that serves the public interest.

Name: Foundation Tibet Fund “Dolma”
Tax number (RSIN) 8160.35.246
Contact information: see the website under the heading ‘contact’
Board Composition and names of the board members: the French Reeper (Chair), Linda Heikoop (treasurer) Ad Stegeman (member) and Marco Dingemanse (secretary).
Ambassador on location, French Reeper and Ad Dhondup
Remuneration policy: there are no material rewards, all work is volunteer work.
Objective: see the website under the heading ‘home’
A report of the activities carried out: see the website under ‘newsletter’
A financial statement, see the website under ‘newsletter’

Download Here the contract periodic monetary donation tax form 2014 to conclude an agreement with our foundation at no additional cost, allowing you to deduct your donations to our foundation entirely from the tax. Before sending this to us like any consultation to tune e.e.a.. Thanks in advance.

To attain its objectives the foundation is trying to recruit as many funds. The foundation publishes a newsletter twice a year to inform its donors and to present new needs. Most advertising is done through word-of-mouth by the donors. We make no money on advertising or mailings. If there are ways to increase our awareness, we do that. For example via a stall in a market, lectures and guest lectures.

When we need larger sums to finance projects, we look toward organizations that provide funds.
Because we have been active for 24 years, we have a large network among Tibetan refugees and their organizations. They know where to find us with requests to contribute to projects and sponsorships. Projects must benefit a (large) group and enhance the quality of life and / or the independence of the parties involved. They may also provide for preservation of the cultural identity of the Tibetan refugees. If there is doing a good opportunity for self-financing such projects in Tibet, we do that too. The Chinese occupation and domination are the Tibetans in their own country, after all, also under very great pressure.

Sponsorship is focused on the most vulnerable: the sick, the poor, incomplete families, half-orphans or singles. For these people really well to advance the minimum duration of a sponsorship three years. The foundation ensures the case unexpectedly quit the sponsor.

Personal assistance on an occasional basis occurs when medical bills must be paid and the people sitting in money problems. India has no health insurance.
To remain financially healthy, the foundation only liabilities that are accounted for. For larger projects, therefore, only be a period of fundraising until the required budget has been received or pledged. And cooperates with a large network of individuals and organizations it have shown to be reliable.