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Dalai Lama’s personal website
The official website of the Central Tibetan Authority, that is the government-in-exile
Historic pictures of Tibet
International Campaign for Tibet, worldwide lobbying organization
Tibet Support Group Netherlands
The Dalai Lama established university which for years supported on a project basis in terms of cultural preservation.
The monastery where the instigator of the Dolma, Geshe Konchog Lhundup, belonged.
The monastery where Dagpo Rinpoche belongs.
Monastery has provided strong support for a long time, but now stands on its own feet.
We sponsor still monks and occasional projects of the clinic.
Monastery Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen.
Club ladies who knit for refugees and also for Dolma.
Travel agency for people wishing to travel differently. Care also travel to meditation centers. Donates to the Dolma.
Sustainable bank on several occasions donated for the construction project.
Sustainable bank donated for the construction project.
Donated for the agricultural operation in 2010.
The BD-store Middelburg always gives us a substantial reduction in the purchase cost of duffel bags in which we can send clothes and shoes to Tibet and the refugee camps in India.
Maitreya Instituut, Dutch part of the FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition) is a global organization with centers in many countries. Following the Gelukpatraditie. Offers courses on Buddhism.
Headquartered in Huy (Belgium). In the Netherlands, the Naropa Institute in Cadzand. Following the Kagyupatraditie. Offers courses on Buddhism.
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