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individual sponsorship
When someone signs up as a candidate for sponsorship are first discussed the ideas and wishes of the sponsor. Then we look together what the possibilities are. Usually jumps someone with whom the sponsor feels a bond. There are always applications for which no one has found. It is always a Tibetan refugee who has no other source of income and circumstances is virtually no chance to acquire it. Especially orphans and half-orphans, the chronically ill and the elderly. The refugees nominated by our live almost always not just may come in a Tibetan refugee camp where tourists. Therefore, they have very little chance to come into contact with visitors that they would like to sponsor any. We know them locally or over Tibet relations through our annual visit, for example, people who are already sponsored or executive officers of Tibetan organizations.

Has made a choice, it is agreed when the sponsorship will be informed and the sponsored. That is always a happy event by both parties! Because the sponsored must be able to count on support for a long time, we expect the sponsor seeks to continue to sponsor for a period of at least three years, of course, except in special circumstances. The Dolma guarantees sponsored namely that period the sponsorship money. It is also possible to do a sponsorship together with someone else. If the promoter himself knows someone that is of course very nice, but sometimes we also know someone who is looking for a sponsor partner. The sponsor is the sponsor money (preferably automatic monthly) and it will be reserved until an amount of € 150, – is spared. Of this amount is currently € 7, – banking and postal charges deducted and there is therefore € 143, – transferred to the sponsored. The amount of the sponsorship amount varies according to the needs of € 10, – to € 40, – per month. The average is about € 25, -. We try to benefit from the sponsorship money to a family or an elderly monk who makes letting go for a bunch of kids more people. It is now possible that you choose a lower (preferably higher) amount. Therefore we also look for another suitable recipient. Our contact person the money is handed over to the sponsored. This is the most reliable and inexpensive way. It also requires, once the money is received, it let the sponsor know. The foundation Dolma establishes the contact, the administration maintains and provides advice with questions or problems. The degree of contact between the sponsor and sponsored is caused by the exchange of letters which is built up between them. If desired, the sponsorship can also remain anonymous. You can sponsor always have access to the records or copies of statements and you are always welcome questions and suggestions. The system works this way from the beginning of the foundation Dolma and conforms well.

There are regular requests within individual sponsorship. Most requests we received during our regular visit to India, about once every eighteen months.
You can always contact us to gain insight into the current requests for assistance. Together we can then see which application is best for you.