Tibetan Buddhism

We work hard to trust all the information in proper English. Below is already an indication, be patient for the correct translation.

This website is intended primarily to inform you about the activities of our foundation. We do this from our commitment to Tibetan culture and religion, and our desire to maintain and make accessible to interested parties. And we do not strive for completeness, but to accessibility. We can help you just a little on the way. Moreover, this part of the construction site and that is a long process.
Therefore, you can also find more information on our website about Buddhism and of course especially about the Tibetan form of Buddhism. The special feature of this school of Buddhism is that it is the only one in which all the teachings of the historical Buddha are preserved in writing and the comments thereon of the main teachers of the first 1,000 years of Buddhism.
Like the Christians in the Netherlands there are many currents among Buddhists in Tibet. Too much for a simple westerner to cover. In our work in India, Tibet and Nepal, we make no distinction moreover belief, not within Buddhism, but not beyond Buddhism: being viewed on substantive grounds each application.

Best disclaimer comes from the Buddha himself, and which therefore certainly applies to this part of the site.

These text is in the great temple of Dharamsala near the residence of the Dalai Lama, who often gives lessons here. It says in English: “Oh Bhiksus and wise men, as one gold assays by rubbing, cutting and melting, so well examine my words and accept them. But not Because You respect me. ”
In Dutch, “Oh, monks and wise people, like someone adopts gold, by rubbing, cutting and melting, so you have my words properly examine and accept. But not out of respect for me. ”